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lets get to know one another


Hello Beautiful! I'm Angie Phillips, owner of Be Beautiful Salon. i have been in the Hair Industry for for 27+ years and i absolutely love what i have chosen to do for a career. 

i am an advanced color specialist that loves multi dimensional hair, lived in looks and hilighting. your hair is my canvas and i love to bring it to life! we will talk about your hair goals now and in the future and make a plan together on how you would love your hair to look and feel. i am obsessed with healthy, shiny hair and i believe that your hair should look just as healthy everyday as the day you left the salon. 

i am a mom of 5 and have been married for 20+ years. i know "busy" well and not putting yourself first. i am very considerate of your time and absolutely love pampering my guests. for me, being beautiful goes far beyond hair. its in the power of touch, recognizing the beauty you already hold and accentuating
 it. i see your beautiful smile, those beautiful eyes, those unbelievable cheek bones, now lets get to work so you can recognize and love the person staring back at you. 

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